Multilingual Scout groups in Uusimaa

There are already four Scout groups in the Uusimaa area offering multilingual scouting. You can join one of them or contact another group to start multilingual Scouting in your area!

Järvenpään Scoutit - Järvenpää Scouts 

The group operates in Kinnari, Järvenpää.

”We are a multicultural Scout group. We want to make memorable experiences. We have an active group for adults!”

Lohjanjärven loiske

The group operates in the centre of Lohja.

”We offer water scouting activities in lake Lohjanjärvi. We are looking for more adults - come and join us!”


Scout group Polaris

The group operates in Fiskars, Raasepori.

”We offer activies on land and in the sea. We are a small and active group of 50 members."

Porvoon Scoutit - Porvoo Scouts

The group operates in Gammelbacka, Porvoo.

"Porvoo Scouts want to offer multilingual Scouting to everyone who is interested to join. The intention is to use all the languages that the members of the Scout group know during the activities. In that way everyone can learn and teach something along practicing Scouting skills in the meetings."

You can also start multilingual Scouting in a Scout group near you. Search for groups here!


Photo: Juha Nurmi