New local scout group in Hanko!

A new local group of scouts was formed in Hanko on the 13th of June! The group is called Hangon Meripartio – Hangö Sjöscouter, and will be focusing on sea scouting activities. The bilingual  group will be operating by both Finnish and Swedish.

Founding members Saara Silén (up left), Jari Holkko, Timo Sarojärvi, Jaana Sarnikorpi, Satu Björkman, Anita Lehtinen, Jyrki Lehtinen and Anne Ramstedt-Allén.

Jaana Sarnikorpi, who has been the key person in starting the group, was appointed the local group leader. Satu Björkman, Jari Holkko, Mira Koskinen, Misa Malinen and Timo Sarojärvi form the board of the local association with her. Some of the board members have experience of scouting, and others are just now getting to know the hobby. The Guides and Scouts District of Uusimaa congratulates the board of their new volunteer positions!

The mission of the group is to locally provide an affordable hobby that is open to all. Hangon Meripartio – Hangö Sjöscouter aims to collaborate with other local scout groups and the local sailing association. The group has received a sailing boat as a donation to kick off the sea scouting.

The children’s scout groups will start in the fall. The aim is to have groups for 7- to 9-year-old Cub Scouts, 10- to 12-year-old Adventurer Scouts and Family Scouting for parents and their children under 6-years-old. The scouts are now looking for interested adults to make this possible! We offer training for all volunteer positions.

Enrolling for children starts in August.

Newly appointed local group leader Jaana Sarnikorpi signed the charter.


Interested? Ask us more:

  • Local Group Leader Jaana Sarnikorpi, phone 040 7172 918
  • District Coordinator Nina Miettinen, phone 050 4460 056, nina.k.miettinen(at)


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