Cancellation policy


If you get sick and get instructions to avoid contacts (go to for an online health  assessment by the Finnish health services and follow their instructions), please cancel your registration as soon as you can.

Cancellation terms for events organized by the Guides and Scouts District of Uusimaa

You can cancel your registration free of charge during the registration period. If you cancel after the registration closes, you may be charged the fee in full amount or partially. In this case the enrollee is the one being billed, even if the selected payer is a Scout group.

Ineed to cancel due to a medical reason at any time, you can request a compensation of the event fee from the member insurance company (members only) if you have a doctor's certificate.

If you do not cancel and do not attend the event, you will be charged the event fee in full amount. If there is no fee, you may be charged 20,00€.

You can also suggest another person to take your place. If that is the case, please contact the district office or the event leader to make sure this is possible.

Cancelling your registration for our event

If there are several days until the event, please inform the district office of your cancellation  ( / 09 8865 1400).

Right before the event (on the same or previous day, on weekends and holidays) please inform

a. the event leader directly (contact information can be found from event info email or the event calendar) AND

b. also the district office by email.

Remember to also inform your local group!

Cancellation due to a medical reason

If you need to cancel due to a medical reason, you can request a compensation of the fee from the member insurance company if you are a member and have a doctor's certificate. In that case:

  • Inform the event leader and the district office as advised above.
  • Pay the invoice you receive.
  • Apply for compensation of the fee from the insurance company, see instructions here.
  • The person making the claim needs to be the one that registered for the event or a parent.