Read about the accessibility of the events and courses of the Guides and Scouts of Uusimaa!

This sign marks the events that use the Easy to Come Along -criteria.

Easy to come along -sign

The Easy to Come Along sign helps the organisers of Scouting and Guiding events and courses to acknowledge and consider different aspects that may hinder or prevent equal participation. The sign also makes it easier for participants to estimate if the event is accessible for them. The sign has sectors that pay attention to different needs.

read about the easy to come along -sign 

Accessibility in our events

See below which components of accessibility are actualized in the event that you wish to participate. If you cannot find the event you are looking for from the list or need more information, please contact the event leader!

See descriptions of the criteria here.

The following Easy to Come Along criteria apply: Feeling comfortable and welcome, Food, Money, Moving, Hygiene, Eyesight, Hearing, Language, Programme, Marketing and registration, and Digital accessibility. The needs of participants can be considered for those who sign up in advance.

Please note the following: 

  • The participants’ diets are considered for those who sign up in advance.  
  • The event relies on eyesight and hearing but the presentations aim for clear fonts and colors. Please notify us beforehand in case you wish to have alternative arrangements such as sign language interpreter in the event.  
  • The participants are not divided in groups based on their gender. 
  • There will be time reserved for reading and familiarizing with the course contents.  
  • The aim is that everyone feels welcome in the event. We introduce ourselves and discuss together during the event.  
  • When necessary, there are options for programme that requires moving. Moving accessibility will be considered for those who sign up in advance.  
  • The event is free of bullying, harassment, and discrimination. Please contact the organizers of the event or the staff at the Scout district office if necessary. It is possible to give anonymous feedback in the feedback form after the event.  


Photo: Lotta Ollila