Scouting as an adult

Scouting is an excellent hobby not only for children but also for adults!


1. Winter hikes and summer camps with friends

Get out of your comfort zone and seek for new experiences: your options are limitless.

2. Exciting weekly activities with the youth

Scouting is meaningful and fun voluntary work which enables children and youth to have a safe and developing hobby. Kids gain new skills and they meet new friends – thanks to all the adults who give their time to our weekly activities.

3. Balance for your work life

You can do almost anything via scouting. A CEO can bake with the kids and a hairdresser can admin communications or accounting in the local group. Thus also adults can learn new skills and develop themselves!

4. The best leadership and management training

Scouts offer systematic, good quality education and training to its members. New skills can be adapted e.g. while running a project, managing a local group or leading a team. A team leader is an idol!

5. Friends and togetherness

New friends and adventures are also for adults. In Scout, you are part of both local and international scouting community!

Leave us your contact information, and we will help you find a local group!


Photo: Juha Nurmi