New Multilingual Scout Group in Porvoo!

A new Local Scout Group was born in Porvoo on Thursday November 26th 2020, when interested adults organized a constitutional meeting online. The group got a name Porvoon Scoutit – Porvoo Scouts.

Mika Mäkelä was elected as a Local Group Leader. Mika Eronen, Jani Fellman, Christian Lwamba, Anastasiia Ollonberg, Viivi Rainio, and Simo Saastamoinen were elected as Board Members of the group. In addition, Silja Jokinen, Anette Karlsson and Juha Ollonberg were elected as Vice Members of the board. The Uusimaa Scout District congratulates everyone for the new positions!

The constitutional meeting was held exceptionally online. The meeting was supposed to be in Gammelbacka’s Youth Center Kertsi but was moved to be held completely online due to the increasing amount of Covid-19 cases in Uusimaa region. Nevertheless, the meeting was successful.

The constitutional meeting of Porvoo Scouts was organized successfully online.


Language immersion during Scouting activities

The Scout Group wants to offer multilingual Scouting to everyone who is interested to join. The intention is to use all the languages that the members of the Scout group know during the activities. In that way everyone can learn and teach something along practicing Scouting skills in the meetings. So far, the current members of the Scout Group speak at least Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, French, Portuguese, Swahili, Hindi and Tamil.

The meetings of the Scout Group will begin in January 2021. The Covid-19 statistics are followed carefully. The intention is to have activities in Gammelbacka and its surroundings, outside as much as possible, and in the Youth Center Kertsi, in case it is safe to hold meeting inside in the beginning of 2021. The goal is to start groups of Family Scouting for children below 7 years old with their guardians, as well as Cub Scouts (between 7 and 9 years old) and Adventurer Scouts (between 10 and 12 years old).

Interested new members who are older than that are free to join as well, and the Scout group plans to develop some activities for adults as well. Could Scouting be a nice hobby for you? Scouts will offer free trainings to everyone who joins the new group during the first year of their action.

Porvoo Scouts welcomes everyone to try out Scouting in Porvoo!

Interested to join? Please ask for more:

  • The Local Group Leader of Porvoo Scouts:  Mika Mäkelä, 050 5182069,
  • The Coordinator of the Uusimaa Scout District: Nina Miettinen, 0504460056,