Application for camping equipment packages for families of 7 to 15-year-old scouts

Would your child like to go to a trip or camp next summer but they are missing equipment? Are there children in your group, who do not have a possibility to purchase the needed equipment?

Equipment packages enabling participation to trips have been purchased with the support received in autumn 2018 from the #tasaarvonnuotiolla campaign and the constituency association of the President Sauli Niinistö. The packages include a backpack, outdoor clothing, a mattress and a sleeping bag among other things. The equipment packages will be delivered in cooperation with Scandinavian Outdoor, who also contributes to the packages.

The packages will be distributed to scouts from ages 7 to 15 based on their applications. The application time is from 1 to 24 March 2019. The packages will be granted to families, who do not have a possibility to purchase equipments to children based on an economic or social reason.

The link for applications will be opened 1.3.2019. The family’s economic situation, what kind of family benefits the applicant receives, and what kind of reasons have led to the situation, such as long-term illness, unemployment, or other similar reason will be asked on the application.

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